For Snow Management

Field.Direct is smartphone based software to plan, track, manage and document your snow operations.

Operations managers can easily plan routes, dispatch crews and track progress.

Crew or contractors use a mobile app to punch in, receive route updates, and document work including photos.

01. Our benefits outcompete


Scale your business

Ever get the feeling that your ability to manage issues is what limits you from growing your business? Whether it is in the estimating and contracting phase, planning, or those hectic snow storms, Field.Direct can help.


Be prepared for customer questions and protect against fraudulent insurance claims with digital evidence of work completed, including crew locations, timestampped photos, and property service history.

happy customers

Because Field.Direct is will allow you to complete service in a more timely manner and react quickly to problems, you'll have happier customers. Less turnover, fewer disputes and better references to grow your business.

Plus, a customer portal is coming soon to advise customers of expected arrival and to check on the service history.

Bring your own device

Field.Direct crew software is available for both Android and IOS. No special purpose equipment. Since virtually all smartphones have a GPS and a camera, you are set with the equipment that your crew probably already has.

Plan, track and adapt

Forget having to jump in your truck to check the work of your crew. Forget working with maps and distributing paper. Making way too many phone calls. Know where your crew is and what they are doing and dispatch automatically.

Be in the know on the go

The management software is mobile friendly and updates automatically in real time. During an operation, know what's going on while on the go or from your beside. Know where your team is, view progress, track problems and adapt instantly. You can get off the phone for routine updates and work on the problems that matter.


Get easy reports of punch in and out times. Get a high level view or a quick lookup of any detail. Are crew members taking an overly long coffee break? The service history of a particular property? Easy.

02. Features The management platform

A secure management interface allows management to populate, update, and view field updates in real time.

Track progress in real time. Estimate the schedule for all routes as you go. Review photos, track GPS location of your crew. View photos by crew, via a map or chronologically.

Integrated SMS messaging with optional confirmation requirement. Broadcast, select groups or direct conversations.

Plan and visualize your routes easily with point and click route planning and adjustment. Balance routes based on load factors.

Review property history, export punch in/out times. Available from your smartphone or desktop anytime.

Easily add and modify properties, vehicles and assets, routes and crew members with an easy interface. Properties geofencing can be edited to calculate arrival and departure times automatically.

Look up anything quickly and easily from your smartphone, or be a power user at a desktop for maximum efficiency. We know that you need to be productive even while on the road.

Easily import your properties to service from a spreadsheet. Automatic geocoding to map your properties.

Your snow management operations run 24/7, we will support you when you need it!

03. Features The mobile app

An easy to use app that lets crews or contractors view their routes, property details, update progress, capture completion photos and punch in and out.

Track progress in real time. Review photos, track GPS location of your crew.

Mark properties as fully completed, partially complete if you need to return later for the city ridge, or if you were blocked from doing your work you can just mark as must return.

Photos are taken with a single screen touch. They are automatically uploaded with GPS coordinates and calculated property reference.

Easier to nagivate when crew are new to a route or changes are made.

Easily add and modify properties, vehicles and assets, routes and crew members with an easy interface. Properties geofencing can be edited to calculate arrival and departure times automatically.

Login with a password to access your specific route and tasks.

Add a note about anything easily. It will be automatically tagged with the property you are servicing and the time.

The app uses your integrated GPS to record your location when you are on the clock.

04. About Field.Direct software specially for snow professionals

We believe that the time is right to introduce mobile technology properly into the snow management business, with workflow specifically designed to support the snow management industry. It was founded by with a team of history of success in bringing customer friendly products to market. Field.Direct is based in Montreal, Quebec.


Field.Direct software was trialed successfully for the 2016 season with real users.


Field.Direct provides software as a service for snow management professionals that helps them plan and manage snow clearing operations, by addressing important concerns such as real time quality of work inspection and assurance, asset tracking. We use high availability Amazon cloud servers.


Field.Direct targets commercial operators provides snow removal services on private property.



6. FAQ Frequently asked questions

How much data will use use from a crew member's data plan?

The software takes images that are about 150KB in size each, and the GPS and route updates are very small. Basically, you can spend all day with the app for less data than a few minutes on Youtube.

Is the app free?

The app itself is free, but you need a login as generated on the management system. Logins for crew members are one of the ways that Field.Direct is priced.

Can crew override their location?

No, the location and photos are taken automatically.

Can I force crew members to take a photo?

Not yet, but that is a feature expected to be released soon.

How much battery does it consume?

It consumes a lot, as the GPS, photo and keep the display handy are all battery intensive. Therefore, we strongly recommend that the phone be mostly plugged in while doing an operation.

What is the best way to mount a crew member's smartphone?

In depends on the vehicle. In many cases, it can be easier to have a regular phone mount so that the user can visualize the phone easily. A magnetic style mount is handy to take a shot from any direction. Keep in mind that at night, you will be facing with the headlights to take a picture properly.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free trial. We know that the the snow management has a troubled history with finding the right software to run their business.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is a fixed monthly cost, and a monthly fee based number of crew members. Once subscribed, the number of photos stored is unlimited, as is the number of updates made to your database are all free.

Contact us for further information

Do I pay in the offseason?

No. Pricing is based on a season, and is scheduled to align with your revenues.

What about the support?

We offer 24/7 support during the snow season, and 9-5 (Eastern) during the offseason.